The ones who got played

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You know what I’m talking about. A boy had made so many promises. That he would be there for you, loved you and cares about you. He promised that you two should meet and that he would give you the biggest hug in the world. But in reality it went different. He didn’t loved you forever or not in the way you did. He cares too les to actually matter what you’re up to. And after so many months you guys didn’t even meet at all. You end up not talking anymore or anything.

All good

In the beginning is everything just fine and all good. It begins with compliments that values to real talking and flirting. They make you feel so good and the bond feels so right that you begin to have feelings. They make you feel like heaven. But than all of the sudden, they stop talking, they stop complimenting you, they stop loving you, they stop caring about you. It feels like they just drop you and left you there all alone.  

At first

You didn’t want to fall in love again at first and you’re not ready to be broken again. But you know, what you feel, you feel,... you can’t helpt it. But they were the first one that texted you and flirted with you but they were also the ones who left first. They make you feel that you’re not worthy or good enough but let me tell you something. You are worthy and good enough. It has nothing to do with who you are as person, it's about their way of thinking and seeing things differently than you do. They should think more with their heart than with their head. 

Moving on

They stopped talking to you, you lost every single contact. You decide to let go and to learn how to live your life without him having a place in it. And when you've finally let him go, he shows up. And because you still love him, you let him in again. You think this time will be different. He keeps spinning you around with sweet words and things that make you the happiest girl in the world. He made you feel loved, like you never have been loved. But at the end, it seems to be the same all over again. You're so mad on yourself for trusting and loving him again. The worst of all, you blame yourself while he's the one that made you feel sad and disrespected. He's the one who played you, made you believe that he really wanted you but it was all for fun. For fun? Are you kidding me? You're more worth than all of this, you're not for fun... you are worth loving and caring for. But still you don't walk away because you really love him, you keep hoping that he will be that person you thought he was and acted like. And he's not a bad boy, but you were not for him what he is for you. He didn't looked at it like that, while you chose him above everyone. You were so much further in the loving part, and you knew it from the start that it's not gonna be like that but still you're hurted when he lets you go and behind. For him is everything just fine and okay, he doesn't see what he did. But you are still there feeling all the hurt. Alone with the damage while he's living his best life and moved on like nothing ever happened.


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